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This year we've decided to give an opportunity to the fans to reward themselves, and what better way to do so than chosing the most commited fandom of all, supporting their idol through thick and thin. So we've selected 32 fandoms that we think are some of the biggest contenders to the tittle.. 

Now there are the semifinal round with 2 versus, you decide who will take the trophy to home. AWARD IMAGE HERE.

Follow the next rules to vote:

1. ϟUNLIMITED VOTING: applies but there is a threshold within this setting that allows a set number of votes from an IP address in a given time period (e.g. 25 votes per period). Voters who pass the threshold will see a cooling off message and will be allowed to vote again after the threshold period expires. (10 minutes) and refresh the page.}

2. ϟ You should follow us on Instagram and Twitter (otherwise your vote don't wont).

▶Instagram: (@CosmicAwards)

▶Twitter: (@CosmicAwards)

Let's vote: 

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