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This year we've decided to give an opportunity to the fans to reward themselves, and what better way to do so than chosing the most commited fandom of all, supporting their idol through thick and thin. So we've selected 32 fandoms that we think are some of the biggest contenders to the tittle.. 

Cosmic Awards official trophy

1. Follow Cosmic Awards on Social Networks: 
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2. You can vote as many times as you want, but sometimes system could block you to prevent spam or robots, please visit again using incognito and vote again. 
3. In this category, you will not be able to buy Cosmic Stars (votes).
4. Every round will have a deadline of 15 days (maybe more, we can give fans the chance to realize we opened the voting), please follow us to get information in realtime if we will increase deadline dates. Let's go to vote!
Invite your friends to mothership, to vote:
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