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Hello everyone, this is a message from the committee of the Cosmic Awards, an award we have created to honor as many artists as we can, in which we will be nominating artists on many categories according to the music they put out.

On this occasion, we present to you the Kpop Boss Quarter 3 (the mothership driver), an award born with the intention to honor the artist that leads the third three-month period of 2021 in the Kpop field, hence the name “Quarter 3”. 

At the end of the year, the 2021 Cosmic Awards will be held for the very first time, on which we will be nominating every artist that wins one of the 4 quarters of the year, on this edition, there will only be 3, given that the first quarter of 2021, did not have any nominees. 

 With that being said, it’s up to you to support and cheer for your favourite artists to take the throphy home. We are listing the rules for the votations down below. 

1. You can vote a lot of times (discover how many voting). 
2. You must be following our awards accounts: Twitter, Facebook Instagram
3. You can buy Cosmic Stars to support your idols in this voting!
4. Never be rude with another Cosmic User in the Comments section. 

Every Cosmic Stars is a vote for your idol, support them now.
Voting Deadline: 
First Elimination October 7,
Second Elimination October 13, 
Semifinal with 3 participants (2 go to the Finals) Oct 13 to Oct 18
Final with 2 participants: Oct 18 to Oct 22

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